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At Sinking Creek Farm we specialize in intimate weddings!

We’re an Ultra-Inclusive Venue with Several Affordable Wedding Packages!

One of the MANY  benefits of choosing Sinking Creek Farm for your wedding day, very little decorating needed, due to the farm’s natural beauty!
This not only saves you time, energy and stress, but a great deal of money!

**Sinking Creek Farm weddings range from $280.00 – $3,500.00**

Wedding Prices

Micro Wedding: $1,500.00 (+ tax)  click HERE. (any day of the week)
Hitch and Go Wedding: $280 (+ tax)  click HERE. (any day of the week)
Hitch and Stay Wedding: $580 (+ tax) click HERE (any day of the week)
Sunflower Package: $3,500.00 (+ tax) (Saturday weddings) click HERE.
Garden Package: No Alcohol : $3,250.00 (+ tax) (Saturday weddings) click HERE
Blackberry  Package: $2,750.00 (+ tax) (Thursday, Friday and Sunday weddings) click HERE.
Orchard Package: $2,000.00 (+ tax) click HERE. (any day of the week)

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