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Tracy Wilson

    Tracy Wilson

      Tracy Wilson, LMT, CHC

      Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997


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      Tracy Wilson, LMT, CHC started meditating 30 years ago. She is the main meditation facilitator at Murfreesboro Meditation.  Tracy has been to many retreats in Japan and the United States and has been fortunate to study under several teachers. Tracy resonates especially with teachers such as Tara Brach, Mark Coleman, and Pema Chodron and loves to share the peaceful, centering, healing experience of mindfulness. When she isn’t playing with her dogs or taking photos, she can be found in her massage office working with clients.
      Find out more about Tracy and her healing massage practice at http://www.mybackinbalance.massagetherapy.com/home.  Tracy breeds beautiful and loving Miniature American Shepherds for lucky homes – see the latest litter: http://www.stonesriverminiamericanshepherds.com/index.html
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