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Mindful Art with Patricia Tenpenny

Patricia Tenpenny





Class offering at Sinking Creek Farm


July 9, 2017 – Creekside Therapeutic Drumming Creekside: A Rhythmic and Water Rejuvenation Retreat.

The quest for well-being begins with personal rhythm.  Join us for a fun-filled afternoon on the farm learning about the benefits of drumming for meditation and drumming in group circles. You will learn basic rhythms & techniques, build simple rhythmic instruments, get your groove on in a drum circle and take a revitalizing float down the creek. Come reconnect with your soul and unearth your inner beat! No drum experience or even a sense of rhythm required.

1-5pm  $125




July 23, 2017 – Go with the Flow: A Creekside Intuitive Painting Retreat

An afternoon of Intuitive painting will be combined with a series of mindfulness movement exercises, guided meditations, and a reinvigorating floats down the creek. Learn to be present, let go and listen to your inner voice through this mindful art process. Create and play with color, getting to know ever deeper aspects of yourself in a judgment free zone. No previous painting experience necessary. 1-5 pm $125




August 6, 2017     The Labyrinth: Walking & Drawing your way to Inner Peace.

The Labyrinth has long been used as a path for meditation and a tool for prayer. It represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Enjoy an afternoon immersing yourself in this ancient design. Learn to create different styles and how they can be used.  Participants will also enjoy a walking meditation using the newly formed labyrinth at the farm. 1-5 pm $125




October 22, 2017     Mandala Medicine: Drawing on the Mandala for Personal & Global Transformation.

Mandalas are circular designs that use simple repetitive patterns to create a meditative state. When created with intention, they can awaken and nurture a peaceful healing state. Learn more about this ancient art form and how to create your own personal mandala for health and healing. Class participants will also collect nature’s gifts from around the farm and work together to set intentions and create a collaborative mandala for personal and planetary health.  1-5 pm $125