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B3 -- Bees, Butterflies, and Bats

Bees, Butterflies and Bats Workshop

Set at beautiful Sinking Creek Farm, the B3 workshop has something for everyone! Attendees will explore the roles and benefits of some of nature’s most exceptional creatures.

A guided tour will take students to working bee hives where they will see up-close how the hive works and its role in vegetable and honey production.  Students will enjoy our observation frames where they can view the bees in action. Fresh raw honey samples will be offered.

Pollinators abound in our interactive garden areas.  Numerous plant species provide a natural habitat for beautiful butterflies and feeding opportunities for bees and other insects.  Students will view several TN native plants and trees and will be shown their benefits and uses. Touching and smelling are encouraged.

Several bat houses throughout the farm provide habitats for one of TN’s busiest mammals.  Students will learn about Brown Bats and how they fit into the Farm’s ecosystem.  Evening workshops will have an opportunity to view these creatures in action!

Dates and spaces are limited!  Be sure to sign up early!