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Children Within Workshop

 Children within Workshop

 9/23/17 1pm -3pm

Discover who ‘really’ is running your life.


Join Elaine Davis for this amazing right hand /left hand workshop, where you will discover how the children within are really running the show. Your kids within will have a blast at Sinking Creek Farm!

We were all born with the knowledge of the universe, learn how to tap back into that universal knowledge. You will study how to profile your own hand writing, know which child- within is in fear, angrier, sadness, or just rebelling in order to create chaos/drama.


My experience with Right Hand/Left Hand exercises has been full of personal discovery. I’ve been able to gain insight into my life experiences and how those experiences influenced how I am, or who I am today. The most wonderful part though has been creating a deeper relationship within and the cultivation of self-love for my WHOLE self. I am truly grateful for the wealth of knowledge and the benefits gained from this workshop. This practice truly changed my life, and ignited my spiritual journey!

      Coley H.


Working with right-hand-left-hand and the kids within was really helpful in helping me get to the hidden stuff… I would get the kids talking and they’d spill the beans on what they were really thinking. I’d get to play detective with the sneakiest lies out there: the ones I told myself. It really helped me to uncover and discard some behaviors and patterns of thinking that had been tripping me up literally for decades.

        Margaret P.


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