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Gourmet Lunch Menu

Gourmet Lunch Menus

(subject to change with seasonal availability)

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V- vegetarian
M-meat option

Mediterranean wrap
V-Hummus feta romaine cucumber  red onion  roasted peppers
M- chicken feta romaine red onion
S-three bean quinoa salad

Spring wrap
V- pickled carrots hummus red pepper cilantro sprouts feta red onion
M-pulled chicken pickled carrots feta red onion cilantro hummus
S- pineapple cucumber cilantro salad

Fiesta wrap
V- black beans shredded carrots brown rice avocado cherry tomato with a cilantro lime dressing
M-fiesta chicken, crisp romaine, cherry tomatoes, cilantro dressing
S- grilled Mexi street corn salad made with farm fresh summer veggies on a bed of mixed greens and served with homemade ranch dressing

V- Buffalo roasted chickpea wrap, romaine and Roma tomatoes, hummus based dressing
M- buffalo chicken wrap with Roma tomatoes, romaine and hummus dressing
S- garden fresh salad with tomatoes onion and cucumber

V- green goddess with heirloom, tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella cucumber sprouts summer greens served with green goddess mayo
M-grilled chicken wrap, heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, summer greens with green goddess mayo
S-master cleanse salad filled with greens, broccoli, summer zucchini, avocado, watercress, red onion, topped with slivered almonds and chia seeds

V- avocado chickpea salad on whole grain bread
M- pesto tuna salad with sun dried tomato dressing served on whole grain bread
S-local summer fruit salad

V- the ultimate veggie wrap with crisp romaine provolone red onion tomato served with special sauce
M-turkey wrap with crisp romaine provolone red onion tomato and special sauce
S-Jerusalem salad made with ripe tomatoes, fresh mint, hydrating cucumbers with Mediterranean dressing

V-Honey crisp time, a whole wheat wrap made with almond butter ,apple ,homemade granola ,local honey
M-turkey bacon apple romaine on a whole wheat tortilla
S-thankful salad -seasonal apples goat cheese candied pecans with maple balsamic drizzle

V- thanksgiving wrap has roasted sweet potato with stuffing provolone spinach and dried cranberries
M-turkey dinner wrap with provolone stuffing spinach and dried cranberries
S- the great pumpkin salad has roasted pumpkin pearled couscous pumpkin seeds on a bed of spinach with cranberry balsamic dressing