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Molly Steen

Molly Steen

Instagram:  Mind Into Matter
Website: mindintomatterart.com

“Born and raised in Tennessee, I’ve spent the last decade exploring this place I call home, building a community of people I love, and capturing some of those moments in pieces of art. Art is my therapy, my gift to this world, and a small way that I can spread joy into people’s lives.

The beauty I find is in the seasons changing. The sharp cold air of winter mixed with the warm soft air of spring. The heavy humid air of heady Tennessee summer transitioning to the cool crisp air of autumn. But more importantly, the people I get to experience those seasons with. The women who have inspired me to find my inner strength and beauty and to radiate that back into their lives.

 My art aims to capture those experiences, those relationships, and the struggle of life in between. Some of my work captures the natural world around us by incorporating trees, mountains, and flowers on top of portraits. My other work includes figures and portraits that are interwoven with geometrical lines to represent the societal structure we are all working within.”

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