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Corporate Events at Sinking Creek Farm



Welcome to Sinking Creek Farm!

Sinking Creek Farm (SCF) is Middle Tennessee’s premier working organic farm/venue. Based on sustainable living practices, our bucolic setting has been home to events ranging from team-building and incentive programs to educational workshops and executive retreats. Our flexible offerings and knowledgeable staff allows us to perfectly partner with your intended purposes to produce a positive, successful experience—a truly “SCF state of mind”.

Choose from one of our farmstead packages or request a custom designed program, tailored exclusively to meet your needs. At Sinking Creek Farm, we’re here to ensure a one of a kind experience that leaves your entire organization feeling relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated!!

Historic Location. Unique Beauty. Unforgettable Events.

To learn more about Sinking Creek Farm and all it has to offer, or arrange your own private tour, visit our web-site or contact us directly using the links below. We look forward to connecting with you.

Best Regards,

Danny and Ginger Demonbreun

Phone: (615) 603-0975
e-mail: solfoodg@gmail.com
website: www.sinkingcreekfarm.org

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Farmstead Living


Nearly every bite of food we eat is a direct result of the tireless toil of bees! Don the veil to spend hands-on time with beekeeper, Farmer Dan, and learn about his holistic approach to keeping healthy bees. You’ll get inside the hives to discover the colonies of an amazing creature-how they live, what they eat, how the environment affects their lives and best of all, taste honey straight for the comb!! During this experience, you will take home valuable information about a colony of your own, or simply to see the bees’ wonderfully complex system of life.

Farm Nutrition

In this experience, you will spend time with Farmer Dan, walking and “grazing” the garden rows while discovering the wonderful benefits of naturally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. See which plants are most packed with healthy vitality. Learn about companion planting as a major weapon in defending the garden from damaging insects. Discover plants that repel bad bugs and attract beneficial ones. Learn how our ancestors survived and thrived with what they grew and the anecdotal knowledge passed through generations. No matter your dietary preferences, we’re confident you will leave with some tools to build a healthful menu from the garden’s bounty, and take home practical knowledge that will translate to your own garden.

Farmstead Animal Tour

Join a member of our farmstead for an interpretive walk to visit the chickens, turkeys, ducks, bluebirds and goats on our farm. Feed the animals, collect the eggs, milk the goats and learn methods for keeping animals healthy throughout each season. Whether you want to raise chickens at your own home or just learn more about sustainable living, this tour will give you the knowledge to do either.

Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate

Yoga in the Wild

Yoga means ‘union’, and when practiced outdoors, a great sense of connecting with the universe can be evoked. Many of yoga’s asanas (poses) reflect animals and nature. Allow the breeze to expand your breathing, the warm sun to deepen your pose making muscles more playable, and let a ladybug invite you to focus on something small and still. Enjoy a sense of harmony and union with Mother Nature.

Healing Meditation

For centuries, monks around the world have taken to the woods to elevate their meditation practice and become one with the universe. Drawing upon this ancient wisdom, we too, take you to the healing woods to clear your mind, calm your soul, and heighten your awareness. Discover how going within can provide an innate sense of connection with oneself and all living things.

Mindful Walking and Earthing

This mindful tour is a journey for the senses. Take your shoes off and begin to feel the earth beneath your feet. Explore the farm like never before. A guided tour, from one of our farmstead members, will take you on an adventure where you experience every apsect of the farm- the feel, the sounds, the beauty and the smells along your mindful walk. By the end of your journey, you’ll feel more relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated than you have in a very long time.

Grains to Glass at the Farm

Gastropub Experience